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Lead free solder, leaded solder, soldering fluxes, solder paste & cleaners

UK Manufacturer of soldering materials, leaded and lead free solder wires, solder paste, fluxes.


Hi-Pure Solder Alloys


RoHS and REACH compliant lead-free solder wire and solder bar.

Conflict free sourced raw materials in accordance with the responsible minerals initiative.   Lead Free Solder alloys SAC405, SAC305, SC100e & Sn42Bi57Ag1, Sn96Ag4,   & Lead Free 99C.

Cored Solder Wire


Ultra high performance RoHS and REACH compliant soldering for robots and operators.   

Superior wetting for defect-free automated operations. High speed drag soldering for enhanced operator performance. High reliability lead free solder to J-STD 004B.  No offensive odours. Very low clear residues.

Lo-Void Solder Paste


RoHS and REACH compliant lead-free solder paste.

Low voiding, high fill, superior wetting, J-STD 004B ROL1 and ROL0 formulations.   

Excellent print characteristics utilizing type 4 (20-38 µm) and type 5 (15-25 µm) powder.

Printer and operator friendly offering >3 days open time and tackiness time.

Supplied in all lead free SAC alloys and bismuth alloys. 12 months storage, long life 

Repair Gels and Fluxes


High reliability J-STD 004B ORL0 / ROL0 halogen-free fluxes and tacky repair gels 

for improved reliability over standard no clean fluxes. Very low solids VOC free and alcohol flux for repair of lead free and lead alloys, supplied in handy push nib pens or as bulk in bottles.

Tacky fluxes supplied in easy application automatic or manual syringes, or as bulk in tubs.

Low Solids No Clean Fluxes


Superior wetting and hole-fill low solids fluxes for selective and wave soldering operations.

VOC Free and alcohol formulations exhibiting excellent Lead Free heat stabilization for sustained heating requirements of dual wave soldering. High reliability J-STD 004 ORL0 / ROL0 performance spray and foaming formulations.

Stencil Clean & Care


Cleaning solutions for fast effective removal of solder paste and adhesive printing residues

Formulations for:- In-Printer underside wipe,

Spray-In-Air, Ultrasonic &

Spray-Under-Immersion cleaning equipment, 

manual spray cleaning & impregnated

Stencil Wipes

Neutralisers & Circuit Cleaners


Solderking offer a full range of printed circuit cleaning fluids for automated and manual cleaning operations.

Saponification cleaning fluid for spray-under-immersion and ultrasonic equipment .

Saponification concentrate for spray-in-air.    

Solvent cleaning fluids for manual cleaning and semi-aqueous batch cleaning equipment.

Insulation and Solder Masking


Solderking offer a full range of Kapton® tape, dots and washers for masking sensitive components through wave or reflow operations.

Temporary solder mask offers a fast air drying, non-staining peelable layer for wave soldering operations.

Cable & Coil Fluxes


Fast wetting heat stable resin fluxes for transformer dipping.  VOC Free and alcohol resin-free, no clean formulations available  for fast, clean cable tinning (when resin residues are not acceptable.

Stainless Steel Flux & Gels


Strong hydrochloric acid flux for all stainless steel grades. 

Hydrochloric acid and heavy metal salt free formulations available for fast, clean soldering of decorative stainless steel parts.

Industrial & Pewter Fluxes


Soldering fluxes for dip and hand soldering copper, brass, bronze, mild steel, iron and some stainless steel grades.  

Water based VOC Free 

Zinc chloride free formulations available with

chloride free formulations available that do not require cleaning after soldering. 

Dedicated formulation for selective solder nozzle cleaning/tinning.

Tinning Paints & Paste


High activity zinc chloride flux mixed with solder powder for general pre-tinning operations. 

RoHS and REACH compliant soldering with tin/silver, pure tin & low temperature tin/bismuth solder alloys.    Available as free flowing paint and higher viscosity paste formulations , low chloride, water free versions available for extended shelf life and more precise application.  It is advised to remove zinc chloride residues after soldering.

Video-Uk Manufacturing

UK solder wire production at Solderking.

About Us-Meet The management team

High shear gel incorporation in solder paste medium

Solderking Assembly Materials Limited



An independent family owned UK manufacturer of solders and chemical consumables for the assembly of electronic, electrical and engineered parts. Established in 2018, Solderking specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of regulatory compliant soldering assembly materials to RoHS, REACH and the responsible minerals initiative.



Chris Ward -Managing Director & Chemist

Chris has spent over 35 years involved in the manufacturing, development and supply of soldering consumables, starting as a 16 year old in the family business he played his part introducing the first independent solder wire manufacturing plant in the UK. Following the establishment of his own

small solder distribution company in 1988, ‘Gemini Metals Ltd’ Chris spent a number of years on the road gaining a good understanding of the use of solder. By 1993 Gemini had grown to become the largest customer of the main family business and managed over a third of the families’ sales of

solder in the UK. With the challenges and opportunities presented by the ‘Montreal Protocol’ the decision was taken to merge Gemini Metals into the main family business, with Chris now heading the sales, marketing and product development. Over the next 25 years Chris travelled extensively

across the world promoting the family business, working on many projects with leading manufacturers from the automotive, military, medical, telecommunications and consumer sectors.

Introducing new technologies to the business such as solder paste, VOC free and No-Clean, developing a number of industry brands including ‘Microprint No Clean Solder Paste’ ‘Omega Rosin Free Solder Wire’ ‘Ecowave No Clean Wave Soldering Flux’ ‘Future Low Residue Flux’ ‘Total Clean Cleaning materials’ and ‘Activ8 flux for steel assembly’. In addition to developing fluxes, gels and cleaning chemistries, Chris spent several years working on a cobalt doped low cost Lead Free solder alloy ‘SC100e’ helping the business gain a reasonable share of the lead free market place.

Though the longest serving employee, Chris left the comfort of the family business to  head a small business, very much, back to his roots with hands on operational control to manufacture high quality, competitively priced Solder Wires, Solder Paste, Flux and Cleaning material, all from the

Solderking site in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, UK.

Christopher Ward technical sales director at Solderking

Christopher Ward (Jnr) - Technical Sales Director

An IPC application specialist, Christopher  has nearly 15 years’ experience supplying solder, flux and cleaning consumables. Christopher spends a lot of his time working on-site with customers helping improve or often maintaining the quality of manufacturing. Offering support on process setup including:-profiling and X-ray analysis, Chris can help find the appropriate technology to suit the manufacturing requirement and help guide users to gain the maximum benefit from emerging technologies including the next generation of fluxes for lead Free, VOC free, low melting point solders and the increased use of finer solder powder.


Vikki Ward- Customer Support Services

25 years in the soldering industry, Vikki has vast experience of RoHS, REACH and the  Responsible Minerals Initiative (CFSI) legislation,  customer services, problem solving, SDS legislation, marketing,  quality, metal trading and is currently implementing ISO 9001: 2015.


Customer Services

The Solderking team love what they do and are passionate about providing quality products, at competitive prices with fast turnaround.

Try our products, try our may like it! :) 


ISO 9001: 2015 Registered

Quality is a core value at Solderking and we are proud to develop, manufacture and distribute the highest quality solders and assembly materials to UK, European and worldwide customers.

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