SolderKing Technical Support Services

As well as producing an exceptional range of solder consumables, SolderKing Assembly Materials offer a high level of technical support to all of our customers.

Our range of services include reflow profiling, solder analysis, x-ray analysis and dross collection / waste solder paste removal.

Solder Analysis

The solder alloy within a wave solder machine can become contaminated with impurities picked up from the soldering process. These impurities affect the performance of the solder alloy and can cause various defects such as bridging, icycling, pin-holes, webbing and poor wetting.

SolderKing offer a Solder Analysis Service which consists of a program scheduled to monitor your wave soldering process, ensuring that the solder purity is kept within the recommended tolerances and conforms to IPC standards. A Solder Analysis Report is provided to determine the concentrations and to help with preventative maintenance schedules.

X-Ray Analysis

We can provide PCB solder joint inspection for assemblies containing BGA (Ball Grid Array, µBGA and CSP (Chip Scale Packaging) components. Many assemblies containing these devices cannot be inspected visually, the only way to investigate would be with high resolution X-Ray analysis.

Some of our inspection applications include – Dry joints, bridges/shorts, voiding, incorrect reflow temperature profiles or misplacement and misalignment.

Dross Collection / Waste Solder Paste Removal  

SolderKing hold a waste carrier registration certificate allowing us to collect solder dross and waste solder paste to recover or dispose of correctly. A Duty of Care note is supplied and we can help with completing any other required documentation.

Dross tins are supplied free of charge and can be correctly labelled for leaded or leadfree waste material.

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