J-80 SAC305, 15-25µm T5

The SolderKing J-80 SAC305, 15-25μm T5 is a no clean, lead free jet dispensing solder paste formulated for excellent performance. The J-80 provides users with uniform dots as small as 220μm and exhibits exceptional results when operating at high speed.  High Reliability solder paste flux type ROL1 to J-STD-004B and defect free soldering of even the most difficult to solder components and board finishes.

  • High reliability solder paste flux type ROL1 to J-STD 004B
  • Uniform Dots of 220μm
  • Powerful wetting on all board finishes
  • Reduces or eliminates voiding
  • Shiny joint finish, Clear minimal residue
  • Long tack times
  • 6 months refrigerated shelf life
  • Made in the UK

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